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We offer a fully comprehensive property management service for all types of residential leasehold property. Our service is pro-active, cost efficient and fully compliant with current legislation. Why not let us take your property management worries away?

Self management can seem an attractive proposition at first glance, but think about it. Do you know your way around the overwhelming amount of legislation that now surrounds leasehold property management? Do you have the time to learn? Are you happy to collect monies owed from leaseholders, even if they are your neighbours and even if you have to take them to court? Do you really want people knocking on your door every time a light bulb needs changing, or to complain about their neighbour's new sound system? Will everyone be so keen to muck in and help out when it becomes tedious and time consuming to do so? Will you be left holding the baby?

For some determined and motivated people self management can, and certainly does work. However most people simply don't have the time to devote and recognise the value of appointing a good managing agent. Jakes Property Services will be pleased to help.

  • Property manager

    Our Property Management system is used extensively by our property managers and administrative staff and links all areas of our work. The system automatically tracks management activity and emails managers to prompt them on various matters. Statements, reports and email documents can be produced almost instantly to meet clients’ and residents’ needs. full details »
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    Welcome to the Jakes Property Services Limited Approved Contractor Database. All of the contractors who appear on this database have appropriate current Health and Safety and public liability insurance paperwork filed with our office. full details »
  • Testimonials

    Noticed last night that the door had been repaired - thanks very much for sorting it out so quickly. I must say we've been very impressed with your pro-activeness and efficiency since taking over our block.

    Mr C, Hornchurch
    full details »
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    Fire hazards - 10/07/2009

    Survey by GOL Group finds that 12% of apartment blocks are under serious fire hazards threat.full details »