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Fire hazards

Date: 10 July 2009

A large-scale fire hazards inspection on 500 apartment blocks in London and South East of England reveals an alarming 12 per cent under serious fire hazards threat.
According to the GOL Group's inspection, 72 per cent of the sites contain minor fire hazards in communual and stair case areas. 12 per cent are overwhelmed with rubbish including plant pots, bikes, boxes, electrical waste, push chairs etc blocking fire exits and external access to the building, which not only prevents residents from escaping the building in case of fire but also delays the firefighter's access to fight the fire. The inspection also reveals at least 56 per cent of electric cupboards are used as storage or rubbish dump, implies serious fire risks for residents.
Peter Gilgallon, Operations Manager at The GOL Group said: 'The residents who leave their belongings in communual areas do not realise the serious consequences that may occur. The Camberwell tragic incident has been a wake up call to the issue.' back »